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Our school for Syrian refugees in South Lebanon

Our local implementing partner, Beit bil Jnoub (NGO), has rented and fitted out a building comprising five classrooms, a kitchen and a restroom. One of our goals for 2019 is to expand our operations to provide a shaded outdoor playground, for which we are currently seeking sponsors.

In our first semester in 2016 of operations we had 35 enrolled students, which quickly grew to 70 by our second semester. Now in our third full year of operations, we have 140 students between the ages of four and twelve and a waiting list of an additional 40 children hoping to enroll.

While some Syrian refugees are able to attend local Lebanese schools in after-hours programs, we are serving refugee communities living on the outskirts of villages that do not offer these programs. Furthermore, we are working in the South, a region where few other international organizations are active.