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Support SWISS4SYRIA's program with your donation.

Every donation counts! Make a donation to our general operating budget today, or sponsor a specific project as outlined below. Please note in the transfer comments if you wish to support a specific initiative. 

The board members are working on a fully voluntary basis.

Our financial administrative expenses are marginal.

SWISS4SYRIA is exempted form tax.
Confirmations-Letters of the donation are sent out 4 times a year.


Alternative Bank Schweiz AG
4601 Olten 1
IBAN: CH05 0839 0033 6384 1000 5
Swift: ABSOCH22

Association S4S
Pfarrhausgasse 4
CH-8706 Meilen / Schweiz

#1 Lunch programme
CHF 200 

For CHF 200 you can provide a warm meal for one of our students for the entire school year.


#3 Sponsor a student
CHF 1'000

For CHF 1'000 you can cover the full costs of one student for an entire year, including daily hot lunches, school supplies, school operations and transportation.


#5 school EXPANSION
CHF 10,000

With 50 students on the waiting list, we need to rent and renovate two additional classrooms. For CHF 10'000 you can fund the school expansion.

#2 Teacher's salary
CHF 500

For CHF 500 you can cover one month's salary for one of our dedicated local teachers. 

Swiss4Syria School.jpg

CHF 25'000

For CHF 25'000 help us to purchase our own school bus and reduce our operating costs by CHF 1,500 / month.


#6 Sponsor computer coures for women
CHF 1'000


For CHF 1'000 you can support our new pilot project and enable one woman to partake in a specialised computer course for an entire year.